9 Things that will make your Wedding great for your Guests!

A few months ago we wrote a blog post, on how to be a great wedding guest. Now it’s time to look at what a couple should consider when planning the wedding to make their guests say this is the best wedding ever!

1. Keep the break fun! If you have a long break between your ceremony and reception make sure you have plans set out prior of places for people to go to keep them busy, especially for those out of town.

2. Up your food game Guests will always remember what the food is like at your wedding. Make sure the food is fun, and will keep guests fuelled for the entire night! Especially if you’re planning a late night buffet! Make this great late night food, like mini burgers, fries and pizza.

3. Lounge around Having a lounge area at a wedding reception is a great way to make your guests feel more comfortable especially if you have some that are not big on dancing. Most of the tables get moved to the side, or things are being cleaned off the tables throughout the night. A lounge area is relaxing and can look just as chic as your wedding.

4. Keep Toasts Short Nothing bores a big room of people like a speech that will drag on for 20 minutes! Make sure you’ve confirmed with all those who are going to be talking that they have a limit. You don’t want people falling asleep before the party gets started!

5. Keep the kids in mind There are companies nowadays that offer services for weddings to keep kids entertained. It can be hard to expect a kid to sit at a table for 3 hours, during dinner and speeches and expect them not to be antsy. Having a designated area for kids and activities they can do makes it great for parents and kids alike.

6. Play Danceable music! You may be into the punk/indie rock, but not everyone is. On your RSVP card why not have a spot where everyone can recommend a song they want to hear that way you can appeal to everyone’s likes!

7. Receiving lines There are other ways to go around and say hi to your guests. Receiving lines can take too long sometimes, (especially for larger weddings) and the people who got in first are now waiting for another 30 minutes until the receiving line is done before anything starts.

8. Specific dress codes While wanting everyone to wear a specific color, or style, seems like a great idea, some guests may not have what you’re asking for just sitting in their closet, which just means an added expense for them.

9. Fun wedding favors!  Wedding favors are a dime a dozen these days! It’s always nice to pick something unique to the two of you, but think of your guests as well. Do you think it will be something for them to keep, or actually use. Otherwise you’ll end up at the end of the night with a bunch more to take home with you.


It’s never easy to please everyone, but these are definitely some things to consider when planning your wedding! We know your guests will have a great time and thank you for it!

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