“For you see, each day I love you more today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

—Rosemonde Gerard

Hello there!

i'm alicia, owner and lead planner & designer

Partner Weddings & Events, is a modern, romantic wedding and event planning company located in Ottawa, ON. We plan, create and design weddings that are just as unique as your story. Our style is moody, romantic and elegant that evokes feelings of comfort, laughter and happy tears. 

We can't wait to help you bring your story to life in front of your closest friends and family. 

things you should know

01. How I describe what I do

I create beautiful and stress free days for couples who want to fully enjoy being engaged and don't want to dread the whole wedding planning process. 

02. How my family describes what I do

Approachable, kind and passionate about making sure the couples she works with feel comfortable about the planning process and keeps things running smoothly. She loves her timetables and schedules!

03. How my clients describe what I do

Her knowledge, experience, commitment and professionalism were beyond our expectations. From organizing hair and makeup at 6am, to carrying water bottles during pictures in 40 degree heat, to making sure the reception remained on time and in fashion, Alicia was always there for us. The only thing she left for us to do was enjoy every special moment of the day" - Cintia & Jeff

Spending the rest of my life with my best friend

whether that be loving him or annoying him

next favourite thing

Going on a new adventure at least a few times a year

which means my passport is always up to date

next favourite thing

Sunday morning cuddles with my little pup

whenever he's not trying to take whatever is in my hand

next favourite thing

i'm either cooking or eating delicious food in ottawa or during my travels

and hangry is most certainly a real thing!

next favourite thing

family means the world to me and these 2 are everyting

we called ourselves the three musketeers

next favourite thing

2013-2017 - Partner Weddings & Events  

Wedding Planner, Ottawa, ON