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Having just recently been married, I know first hand the mishaps that can happen on a wedding day, and the need for a planner. I strive to create stress-free days, as I know how important it is to be in the moment on the day of. 

01. why should i choose you as a planner?

Travel and for a wedding, what better combination could there be! We would love to travel for your wedding day! Let us go pack our bags!

02. will you travel for my special day?

Yes we do! We will work with you to work out a plan to make sure you are able to get your special day done right!

03. Do you have payment plans?

A venue coordinator is very different from a planner, as they are focused on making sure everything with the venue is laid out properly. A planner is there for you in the morning, and picking up your wedding favours at your aunt's home!

04. my venue has a coordinator, Do i need a planner?