Cintia & Jeff

"Her knowledge, experience, commitment and professionalism were beyond our expectations. From organizing hair and makeup at 6am, to carrying water bottles during pictures in 40 degree heat, to making sure the reception remained on time and in fashion, Alicia was always there for us. The only thing she left for us to do was enjoy every special moment of the day"

Emma + ashraf

"What we can really say is that Alicia really gave us that peace of mind that any bride and groom should have on their wedding day. I could not have done it without her, and I would highly suggest her services. She is such a caring, thoughtful person, and truly shows her passion through what she does"

janet + alex

"Her thoughtfulness and genuine willingness to help, no matter how small the task ( i.e. when I left the key to my dressing room and she offered to go down two storeys to get them for me so I wouldn’t have to walk so much in my 3” heels!) were greatly appreciated. Alicia even went above and beyond when she spotted “wedding crashers” at our cocktail reception and kindly asked them to leave. Needless to say, our wedding day would not have gone so smoothly without her help!


from my sweet clients